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Skis — Viking goes the distance


No other shop goes to greater lengths to test products than Viking. As soon as we get our hands on next year's ski and snowboard models, we're off to test them where it matters – all over the mountain.

The Viking staff logs over 100 skier demo days each year at places like Aspen, Vail, Copper Mtn., Deer Valley, Snow Basin, Cascade, Chestnut and Boyne Mountain. Our test is so respected that we are a principal contributor to ski reviews,

Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated demo pros, you don't have to rely on manufacturers' ads or advice from people who haven't skied the products. Viking has done the on-snow research and we'll help you find the perfect ski.

Testing for the rest of us

While Viking makes difficult terrain a top testing priority, we recognize that not all skiers are double-black diamond experts. That's why our slope-testers run the gamut of skiing abilities, from intermediates to experts to instructors to racers.

The result is on-slope knowledge of each model we carry – where it shines and where it doesn't – and which kind of skier will benefit from it most; every item we offer is up to Viking standards.

And yours.

Let Viking put it all together for you

Skis are like people. Lots and lots of different models, each with different capabilities and degrees of complexity.

To find true compatibility from among the many choices available, think of Viking as a bit like dating service, only for skis. We can help you find your perfect match.

Before we recommend a ski, we ask questions. And we listen. Then we find a variety of models with the right mix of qualities for your style, strength, skills and speed (even if your speed is slow)!  Only then do we help set up the ski/binding/boot system that's right for all your needs.

Viking is uniquely qualified to help you find the right shape, choose the best length for you and match your skis to your boots and bindings.


tyrolia bindingsToday's bindings offer choices including integrated systems, "marriage systems" and just plain bindings. Integrated systems predetermine choice; the bindings literally are part of the ski. Marriage systems likewise restrict binding choice; skis are fitted with plates that require that company's binding. "Flat" or "bareback" skis accommodate any binding. Many of the new bindings and bindings systems "float" with the flex of the ski, to help improve edge-grip, vibration dampening and overall enhance the performance of the ski.

Ski boots and bindings together comprise a system that must perform a balancing act. They hold you on your skis, but not too much; when things get hairy, they should let go- but not too early, and that's a tough job. Bindings must be maintained in top shape to perform correctly.

A boot/binding system takes a lot of wear and tear, if not outright abuse. It can wear over time and could break at any time. A worn-out or broken system may not work properly when you need it the most. That's why all alpine binding manufacturers recommend having a system tested at least annually and any time the system is changed.

Viking Ski and Snowboard shops use the state-of-art Huber Electronic Torque Test System to verify that every binding system works to manufacturer specifications. We think it's an important investment in your safety.



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