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Ski and Snowboard Service


Every year, ski and snowboard makers give us new models that carve easier, explore further, fly higher and go faster. That's great – except they can't live up to their true potential if they aren't properly tuned. A worn-out tune, a bad tune or no tune can turn a perfect day on the slopes into a perfect drag

Getting the Most From Your Boards or Skis

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Viking tuning experts can do it all, from regular tune-ups to custom repairs. They use the best technologies, from state-of-the-art to old fashioned hand finishing, to make sure you get the best tune for your individual needs.

From beginners to top racers and riders, our customers trust the pros at Viking Ski Shops to give their skis and boards just the right touch—trip after trip, year after year.

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Ski Binding Testing

A boot/binding system takes a lot of wear and tear, if not outright abuse. It can wear over time and could break at any time. A worn-out or broken system may not work properly when you need it the most. That's why all alpine binding manufacturers recommend having a system tested at least annually and any time the system is changed.

Viking Ski and Snowboard shops use the state-of-art Montana Jetbond S binding testers to verify that every binding system works to manufacturer specifications. We think it's an important investment in your safety.


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