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Custom Boot Fitting & Custom Footbeds


The secret to having a good time while skiing or riding is to have properly functioning boots. There are many different models of boots to accommodate different foot shapes. Here at Viking, we know that a great fitting boot is the key to great performance. And great performance means you'll be a return customer!

That's why we have a large staff of boot fitters, thoroughly trained in the nuances of fit and balance. By analyzing your foot for length, shape and unique features, matching your feet to the right boots, customizing them to fit you and your style of riding, we guarantee that your boots perform on the hill.

fitting custom footbedBeside using its unique shape to choose the right boot type, we use your feet to create the ultimate link to your boots – custom footbeds. A well-crafted footbed is the foundation that provides support, comfort and warmth; all are essential for enjoying your sport.

Custom footbeds also stabilize your feet in the boots, providing more comfort and better control of your ski or board. They eliminate the need for over-tightening, the primary cause of numbness and cold feet.

We carry custom footbeds from Sidas, Superfeet, Fastech, Instaprint and Remind. Ask us about heat-molded liners for the ultimate in personalized custom fit.

Alignment & Canting

tekscanCanting is correction of the knee alignment in relation to the midline of the boot. Corrections can be made in different ways depending on what needs to be done. Your boot fit affects how your skis work, whether for you, or against you. Balance – left to right, edge to edge, tip to tail – is critical. It's also important to balance your stance and body mechanics to keep you in a
position of strength. This is just one of the things we do at Viking to make a difference in your skiing.

We diagnose alignment with the advanced TekScan System, tekscan screena real-time computerized pressure sensor that measures forces inside your boot as well as beneath it (what the ski “feels”). This enables us to achieve proper alignment, solve uneven pressure points and set proper boot canting and adjustments.


Viking value goes beyond price

Whether you ski once a year or five times a week, boots that hurt, give you cold, numb feet, or don't help you become a better skier are worthless – regardless of what you paid for them.

Rest assured that when we fit your boots with care and attention to detail, they will fit right – down to the very last tweak.

That's a promise.

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